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Country Home Is Comfortable Living Anywhere

Livingroom in a country home, with hardwood furnitureWhether you already have a home in the country, or you aspire to, or you just want to bring some country into your current home (even if it’s in a high-rise apartment building) just know that you have many options.

If you’re decorating a country home, you have a number of different styles to choose from. Colonial, Victorian, French Country, Scandinavian, French, Mediterranean, your options are only limited by your budget and your imagination.

Which can also make it hard to decide exactly what you want, and if you’re starting from scratch, you might be confused as to where to start your decorating project. The first thing to consider is your home itself – you probably wouldn’t decorate a log cabin the same way you would a large country manor, for example.

Then you can narrow it down to some basic areas of the home, and the decorating hardware and other items that are essential to transforming that area into a country decor. Some of these basics include:

  • Flooring and floor treatments
  • Wall treatments, including paint and wallpaper
  • Soft furnishings such as household textiles
  • Window treatments, including blinds and draperies
  • Furniture
  • Bric-a-brac

If you’re stuck on a style, or you just can’t make up your mind as to what look you’ll be most happy with, go with your instincts and personality. If you’re a casual person, then a homey, casual country style might be your best option. If you like thinks a little more formal, then perhaps a French or Victorian style would be more to your liking.

So what is country style anyway?

For most people, country style is hardwood floors, wrought-iron beds decorated with colorful quilts, woodburning stoves and braided rugs. Soft, pastel colors, sunshine streaming in through lace curtains, a stone hearth in the kitchen.

Country style should be relaxed and comfortable. After all, that’s what folks find so appealing about a rural lifestyle – it harkens to an earlier time, when people weren’t stressed by overbooked schedules and walking around staring at smartphone screens.

Living in the country is appealing because it’s like an old pair of leather boots – soft, broken in, and comfortable in a way that a pair of heels or wing tips could never be.

Italian Country Style

Country home styles don’t stop at the US border, far from it. And one of our favorite looks is the Italian country style, which is comfortable and practical at the same time. This style evokes images of an old Tuscan farmhouse nestled beneath olive trees, with slat-floored terraces overlooking a field of bulging grapevines glimmering in the evening sun.

Italian country typically utilizes somewhat neutral, earthy colors like ocher or red terra cotta, and sturdy natural materials like stone tile, rich woods, and elegant textiles.

Country Cottage Style

If you’re not sure what cottage style is exactly, it’s basically a bright, comfortable, colorful look that you might see in a cottage in the country, or in the mountains, or in a beach resort town.

Think painted furniture, weather woods and finishes, and lots of textural elements like wicker baskets, bamboo mats, and white beadboard walls, especially in the kitchen and pantry. Bright colors from the garden like blues, greens, yellows and even fuchsia.

Antique wood and iron furniture typically a staple of country cottage style, simple and graceful and usually painted white and sometimes decorated as well. Many people like a weather look to their cottage furniture, with surfaces that display the wear-and-tear of they years without looking too rustic.

Cushions, slip covers, window treatments and other textiles are often floral fabrics that brighten the room and stand in contrast to the monochrome walls and furniture. Cottages are cheery and full of sunshine, both inside and out.




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