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Sustainable Garden Or “Smelly Eyesore?”

The following story came across the newswire the other day, and I had to do a double-take on the headline. Apparenly some folks in the town of Surrey, British Columbia, are objecting to a sustainable garden that a young couple have installed on their property.

The couple are using a technique known as permaculture in their garden, which requires very minimal watering, weeding or fertilizer. A true sustainable garden, in other words.

They have expectations of eventually being able to produce over ninety-percent of their food needs with the garden, by harvesting the vegetables that the couple uses to make all of their food from scratch.

But apparently some of the neighbors aren’t so happy about the idea, and the Surrey local law enforcement officer has evoked a seldom-used bylaw to claim the garden is “unsightly”. Some of the neighbors are even the afraid the garden will attract flies and rats, and “smell up” the neighborhood.

You can read the full story here



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